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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


With all of the #OscarPistorius hoo-ha and arguments about whether #JudgeMasipa got it wrong or not and whether the State should appeal or not, it occurs to me that Life is a bit like a legal system.

Every legal case arises out of a set of facts or occurrences.  The facts are tested in court and a judge, representing the views of Society, decides whether the manifester or doer of those facts was wrong or right, good or bad, negligent or justified.  He or she is then acquitted or convicted and sentenced.  If the judge gets it wrong, Society permits an opportunity to appeal to a higher court and seek a different outcome.

Life offers sets of facts all the time, one after the other.  We, as observers of or participants in those facts, tend to judge them wrong or right, good or evil.  Unfortunately, irrespective of our judgments, we have no rights of appeal on facts: Life is never wrong, the facts are as they are, just as Life delivered them, and are never as we think or demand they should be.  There are no exceptions to this, even when we think we know better than Life or God.

However, like an appeal in a criminal trial, Life always allows us another chance to play our hand.  If we think Life got it wrong in the first place and is punishing us (that is, we didn't like how it played out so we blamed Life or God for our situation), Life gives us a chance to course-correct and look for a different outcome.  Unlike the court system, Life gives us an unlimited number of opportunities to try again and again until we get to a result that we like and that aligns with Life's rules.

As with the legal system, Life has some rules.  If we don't abide by them, Life tends to push us around until we start to live our own lives in alignment with Life's rules.  Play fair, don't harm others, respect and honour others, don't do evil and so on.  If we disobey these rules, eventually Life in its infinite wisdom will show us there are consequences and wake us up to another way of being, as do our courts.

Sentencing by Life is the best system: we will be sentenced to suffer for so long as we do not play by the rules.  The suffering will manifest itself in our health, relationships, well-being, finances and so on.  However, the moment we align ourselves with Life's rules, as if by magic we can get paroled.

So, the thing to consider is whether you are completely accepting of the facts of Life, just as they are, whether you have found out about and are playing by Life's rules and whether you are suffering and, if so, whether you are willing to re-align yourself for another chance with Life when you discover that you have broken the rules.

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