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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Our firm recently merged with another in what can only be described as a momentous undertaking.  With a couple of strokes of a pen, we committed ourselves from a mid-size niche firm of 10 professionals to a multi-disciplinary firm of almost 400 professionals.  The idea itself was daunting and it took almost two years of countless scenario checks, assessments and re-assessments finally to take the deep breath necessary to to say "We do".

The process of integration and alignment has been intricate and involved, but we are finally starting to fire on all cylinders.  The plan is coming together, the whole is fast proving to be greater than the sum of its parts (which was the intention) and I am finally starting to sit back, acknowledge my partners and myself for what we have achieved and enjoy the ride.

In my reflections, it has become crystal clear to me that every step I have taken in my life, especially in the past 14 or so years, has been leading me to this point, whether I knew it or not.  Every good and foolish decision taken, every bit of learning and knowledge acquired, all my experience, trials and errors have finally allowed me to place myself in this position.  And I feel grateful for what I have.

The point is, however, if I look back in time to any moment in my life, everything I have done up to THAT moment has led me to that point, even if I haven't especially liked the point I have reached.

That is the way it is with all of our lives.  Nothing we do is a mistake.  Every choice we make leads to a result which leads to a new choice, which leads to a new result.  What we do delivers us to a destination, always.

If we make reactive choices, the chances are that we won't know what the destination is much of the time, and by luck or happen-stance we might get to a place we like.  If we can simply determine a purpose for ourselves, however broad it may be, the chances are that the choices we make will be made within a context, and so eventually lead us to a destination that nourishes us.

If you do nothing else, try to figure out, at least in general terms, the direction in which you want your life to go.  Then make choices which align with that direction.

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