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Saturday, 11 October 2014


It's too hard!  I don't have the time! I'm not smart enough!  I was treated badly as a child (so now I'm allowed to behave however I like)!  It was someone else's fault!  I feel too depressed/ sad/helpless!  I'm unmotivated!  I don't have any help!  He/she doesn't understand me!  I was drunk! I couldn't resist!  I don't have the money!  It's all too overwhelming!  I was angry at the time!  I was duped.  I'm in a hurry!  I feel scared!  I might fail!  I'm too young/old!  I'm too overweight.  It's racism / reverse-racism / sexism / look-ism!  No one ever listens to me!  I'm not important enough!  I don't know how to do it (or say it)!  The dog ate it!

The time for excuses is over.  The time for whining and complaining and being scared is over.  If you want to do something, or not do something, or change something, then just do it, no matter what it takes.  If you want a result, you are the only one who can bring it about, so you can hang onto your excuses and not get what you want, or you can transcend them and have what you want.  There is nothing in between and you get to choose.

How many times have we heard that results are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration?  Well the perspiration is about not allowing excuses to get in the way.  It's about doing whatever it takes, whether that means scoring more points, raising the money, being better than your competition, rolling up your sleeves, changing your priorities, making the time, making sacrifices, letting go of your self-pity and generally taking full responsibility for yourself, your state of mind, your actions and your mission.

One of my teachers, the late K Bradford Brown, came up with the following Touchstone in one of his books:  "I would like to change conditions in the world, but I have to put out the cat."  In other words, we can always find an excuse, or something more pressing to do.

We can find or invent as many reasons or excuses as we like, but as long as we hang onto them, they will get in the way of creating the different results we want in our lives.

So, if you are wanting change in your life, but it's not happening, if you look hard enough you will find that somewhere or other there will be an excuse which got in the way.  If you justify behaving out of integrity by reference to something over which you claim to have no power, or by blaming someone else, you might not think it's your excuse: it may look like someone else's fault, but you have the power and creativity to circumvent ANYTHING that gets in the way.

What might be missing is the will and determination.

What's your excuse?

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