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Sunday, 11 January 2015


@DrJohnDemartini suggests that each of us has a set of values (e.g. Family, friends, finances, career, spirituality and so on), but that we organise our personal values into hierarchies which reflect the importance of those values to us.  As we all choose (consciously or sub-consciously) where each value sits in the hierarchy, and one person's set of values is likely to be in a different order from another's, we tend to have different results in different value areas from each other.  How come?

Well, the hypothesis is that if "finances" happens to be your highest value (i.e. the value or asleft of your life that matters most to you), that is where you will spend most of your time, energy and money and that is where you will have the greatest return on your investment of time, energy and money.  Similarly, if family relationships are what matter most, you will invest energy there and get your best returns or results.  If your career matters more than anything else, your behaviour and results will reflect that.

Conversely, if a value such as health is low down the list in your hierarchy of values, you won't place much emphasis on it and guess what the outcome will be?

John Demartini also postulates the interesting idea that with some values, there will be a flow of energy or resources from the people that value them least to those that value them the most.  For instance, if money is high on person A's list, but lower on person B's list, the money of person B is likely to flow towards the bank account of person A.

So, given that context, the question is: how are your values working for you?  Take a look at what is NOT working in your life and then answer truthfully: where does the value associated with what is not working sit on my list of values?  If it isn't somewhere near the top of the list, that just might be why things aren't working: you're simply not attracting enough (or manifesting) into your life abundance associated with that value because your attraction energy is elsewhere.

Want to try something different? Re-rank your values and see what changes.

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