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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


In my last post I wrote about rising above f*ck-it mode, noticing the wake-up calls Life is delivering and taking the first step to do something in response to the wake-ups.  Although that might be an important step, keeping up the momentum and restoring the flow in your life is just as important.

The thing with f*ck-it mode is that it tends to create a logjam in your life.  What do we know about logjams?  Well, there are lots of logs, all trying to pass through a bottleneck, but so many are trying to do so at the same time that they all contribute to making each other stuck with a resultant dam building up behind the logs.  If the dam gets big enough, eventually its sheer volume and pressure is going to burst, flooding and causing damage to the surrounding area.

Now transfer the metaphor to your life.  Let the logs represent obstacles to moving forward.  Your internal dialogue presents the obstacles which get in the way of progress: "I'm too tired; it's too hard; it's not working; I feel too weak; I don't have enough time for this; It's broken; I have other things to do; It costs too much" and so on.  Put enough of those logs in your own way and they will create such a jam in your life that there will soon appear to be no way through.  The trouble is, the dam will keep building up until eventually it bursts with your symptoms of stress, inactivity or ill health.

That's why the first step is important: Remove the first log. For instance: do some exercise; cut down on your sugar intake; deal with the first chore; take the initiative to fix the relationship; and so on.  But don't for a moment think that that step on its own will get the logs down the river and the water flowing again.  You need to keep on removing logs so they can't pile up again and so that they drift down the stream in a way which makes it easy to deal with them one at a time rather than all at once.

We are looking for flow in our lives:  Chi, as it is called in some Eastern traditions, is a universal energy flow.  It applies to internal energies and to buildings, as in feng shui.  It is that energy that we want for our lives.

In the example I gave in my last posting, I did a yoga session as a first step to unblocking my inactivity.  That wasn't enough, however, to get the Chi fully flowing, it was necessary for me to do some more exercise the next day, start being mindful again of what and how much was going in my mouth, re-engage with a meditation practice and plan and set about dealing with each thing on my to do list in a methodical and thoughtful manner.  And do all of this because that's what I choose in my life, rather than because I feel fearful of the consequences of not doing so.

Take a look at your logs.  Are they piling up and blocking the flow of your life?  Start dislodging them thoughtfully and methodically and feel the Chi start to flow again.

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