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Saturday, 7 March 2015


Some years ago I was bored with my legal career, burning out, feeling (well, believing) I was trapped, and itching for some variety.  I knew I wanted to be more involved in people management and empowerment, so dipped my toes in the water by writing and publishing a book about people management, People Risks, under the auspices of what was then the Society for Risk Managers.  Enjoyable as writing the book was for me, the day to day grind of my legal career continued. I needed change, but had no idea how to do that.  I had a family to look after, was near the top of my career, was earning a good income and only had some of the skill set I knew I needed to start consulting.  What was clear, however, was that nothing was going to change without some positive action from me.

The first step was to get over the frightened part of me which was anxious about the future, couldn't see a clear path and was comfortable where I was, in an uncomfortable sort of way (if you see what I mean).  The only way out of my circumstances was to take a deep breath, dig into my courage centre, plot a course and then jump.   Which is what I did, creating a management consultancy with a couple of friends and started delivering the stuff we knew about and learning about that which we did not.

I immersed myself in matters of corporate governance and 'soft skills', stress management, creating and living with purpose and much of the material with which I had worked in writing my book.  I then started developing trainings and consulting.  Much of this presented uncharted waters for me, but I found that, with the purpose I had behind my actions, I started developing some genuine expertise. Perhaps there was a bit of "fake it 'til you make it" syndrome, but it worked.

I shan't bore you with my life story thereafter, but the point is that I wanted real change in my life, but Life wasn't going to deliver it without me taking the initiative and offering significant commitment to the change required.

I want to suggest that, at some level, most of us either want or will want some sort of change in our lives, whether it is in relation to careers, money, health, relationships or whatever.

It isn't going to happen by itself because, as Mark A. Cooper remarks: "Life has no remote: get up and change it yourself".

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  1. Excellently put. Thank you for sharing your experience. Appreciate your wisdom and writings - love to all. :)


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