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Sunday, 1 March 2015


"This time it's different!"  Said to be the four words which have lost people more money than one can imagine in times of #stock_market #volatility, because people don't trust the trends over time which show that a market that is falling will eventually turn around and rise again and one which reaches a high will at some time turn and fall again, so they end up selling and buying on #emotion at all the wrong times.

We love predictability and get scared by uncertainty, so we rely on the past to predict our future behaviour, but then get surprised / shocked / disappointed / dismayed when things don't turn out the way they were supposed to.  There is no greater set up for a sucker-punch than to expect things to go a certain way, because when they don't, well ... it sucks.

What if, instead of expecting (and demanding) certain outcomes, we could rather let go of the expectation and simply open up to possibilities?  What if we could be open each time (from moment to moment) to how it will be different and what possibilities we can explore?  

Sure, Life is pretty safe when it is predictable, but 'safe' also encapsulates boring, repetitive and hum-drum.  If we want to engage with Life and be energised by it, doing 'safe' and predictable isn't the way to go.

Next time you are doing a repetitive exercise - burpees, squats, knitting, going shopping or whatever - try engaging fully in the moment with each repeat.  Truly re-experience your body sensations each time, re-engage with each breath, commit totally to the repeat you are doing rather than hanging in for the end of the repeats.  Suddenly you come alive, stop zoning or numbing out with the repetition and a world of possibility opens up.

If, instead of going to the shops expecting the mission to be dreary and mundane, we could head out with excitement at the possibility of meeting new people, engaging with another part of our lives, perhaps seeing the connection between the shopping trip and our larger purpose(s), the whole tenor of the trip could change.  Each time, we have the power to make it different, and by doing so to feel more alive, less stuck in our repetitive circles of mundane-ness and to re-acquire our zest for living.

So the choice is to keep doing 'safe', or to make our lives different, creating and drawing on the endless possibilities Life has on offer.  Which will it be?

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