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Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I embarked a couple of months ago on a project to lose about 7 Kg of Christmas and other holiday excesses.  After a fair amount of exercise and some more disciplined eating, the scale showed a weight loss to date of 2 Kg, a change of less than 30%.  A relatively disappointing failure, some might think.  (Actually, what I was thinking!)  Which got me to thinking some more about whether I was using the correct measurement for the change I wanted.

On reflection, it occurred to me that I didn't want to lose the weight for losing weight's sake.  What I rather wanted was a change in body shape, to feel vital and to be healthy.

So I looked at a few self-created measures and indices other than the scale.  Admittedly, some are more qualitative than quantitative, but what I noticed was:
  • Body shape change self-perception index: 70% change for the better
  • Vitality and feeling good about self index: 70 - 80% change for the better
  • Overall health: Excellent
  • Purposefulness and commitment index: 60% improvement
Judging by those measurements, I have successfully brought about a lot of change.

We can set any particular goal, but rather than focussing on the measurement of the goal itself, perhaps the more meaningful measurement of success is that of the purpose underlying the goal. That's when you start to understand whether you have made any significant movement or not.

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