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Saturday, 6 June 2015


@Eusebius McKaiser recently wrote an excellent article "'Good' guys at the top shockingly silent" about #Zuma getting away with #Nkandla whilst everyone in the #ANC remains silent. We also see that #Blatter was overwhelmingly re-elected as President in the face of the biggest scandal to hit #FIFA. And #Mugabe could rule forever.

McKaiser makes a good point. How can this stuff happen when there are ostensibly good people in the organisations behind these people? Surely they aren't all rotten to the core? Surely some people behind the despots have an inkling of what integrity means?

Because, if there are such people, how do they make it okay for evil to triumph and still feel congruent within themselves if their consciences are even faintly pricked by what is going on? 

No doubt, many people benefit from the patrimony of their leaders, so the conflict of interest between personal benefit and personal integrity is simply resolved by expediency. However, given for instance that the ANC has it sfoundations rooted in integrity and a man who was arguably the greatest statesman of our time and a model of integrity, #NelsonMandela, how is it that there is apparently no one left in the organisation who can purport to emulate him or call him or herself congruent in terms of thoughts and deeds?

And don't for a moment think that this phenomenon is limited to corruption, or to those in high positions of power. It occurs wherever evil manifests itself and at every level of our society. 

We are each called to examine carefully the times when we keep our mouths shut in the name of expediency, avoidance of conflict, personal comfort and fear rather than speak up when we see or hear others acting out of integrity in ANY way whatsoever. Yes, sometimes it requires courage to call someone for being out of integrity, but courage is what we have as a resource. If we cannot find it in ourselves to draw on that courage, where does that leave us? 

However, if we can stand up, there may just be sufficient ground-swell to wake our leaders up to their own deficiencies in this regard. If we don't, we simply allow evil to triumph and ourselves to slide into a personal hell.

What do you choose? 

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