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Saturday, 11 July 2015


A friend and teacher of mine, Roy Whitten, wrote a book some years ago entitled "Simply Being Happy". I have also been privileged enough to be part of trainings led by Roy in which his simple approach to happiness and being happy has come through time and again. Inevitably, I have considered the nature of happiness time and again in my own life.

I have just returned from the most special week with my family, Kazalette, Jeśka and Stefan, on a barge exploring the beautiful Yonne River and the Canal du Nivernais in the Loire Valley, France.

One evening we moored on a secluded bank alongside the canal for the night. I later found myself sitting on the bank next to our boat, watching the beauty of the soft early evening light fall on the trees, listening to the birds singing, engaging with the reflections on the water, watching Stefan earnestly fishing, Jeśka quietly answering masses of birthday messages she had received earlier in the day and Kazalette pottering around the boat. It was a scene and experience of blissful tranquility. I can honestly say I have rarely felt more at peace or happier.

Whatever was happening in my office back home was not completely out of my consciousness, but it had the level of priority that office work should have when on holiday: close to 1 out of 10 and I just trusted that all was well. Every part of me was grateful for every gift, and right then everything in my life up to that point was a gift. I was simply happy, being exactly where I was and how I was in that moment and surrounded by beauty and my precious family.

Perhaps it is easier to be happy when barging around France, and perhaps circumstances do help, but the truth is that we can be happy anytime we choose, so long as the mind doesn't have us somewhere else feeling unhappy. All that is needed is to be completely present, engaged in whatever moment presents itself, and feel grateful for all that we have.

And part of my gratitude lies with Roy Whitten, for helping to wake me up to the experience of true happiness. Namaste, Roy.

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