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Sunday, 6 September 2015


If I see water coming from under the shower door and running down the passage, the first thing I do is find the source of the water and switch it off. Then I start mopping up. If I just mop without switching off the water, I am going to keep mopping indefinitely. Sounds trite, doesn't it?

So why, I ask myself, is everyone in Europe trying to soak up the deluge of incoming Syrian refugees, but not taking more seriously what is happening in Syria, to try and stop the exodus and have Syrians stay at home?

Yes, I know it's complicated, but somehow I would expect a greater level of intervention from Arabs and the West within Syria to stop the atrocities there and make the place habitable. The Finnish Prime Minister, bless his heart, has offered his personal home to refugees. Why should he have to do that? And, quite frankly, no matter how big his house may be it certainly isn't going to fix the problem. Anyway, why should anyone have to take on hoards of displaced people? I guess it's good neighbourliness, morally right and so on, but my guess is the displaced Syrians would rather be in their own homes if they and their families weren't at serious risk of death, disease and worse.

And it's not just about switching off the source of refugees. Water under the shower door can look like abuse coming your way, over and over. You can keep on cleaning it up, or you can do something about switching off your abuser's torrent, like cutting him or her out of your life.

It's not always easy to switch off the source of any leak or flood, but if you don't do so, expect to keep on mopping to the point of exhaustion.

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