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Thursday, 31 December 2015


Dear Friends,

If you're feeling uninspired, here is my list of the generic New Year resolutions:

For 2016 I resolve as follows:

MOODS: Never to feel disgruntled or disconsolate. I choose therefore to be gruntled and consolate at all times.
APPEARANCE: I can't stand looking unkempt, even during holidays, so I choose to look properly kempt at all times.
ACTIVITY AND ENERGY: Never to be inert or succumb to inertia. I will therefore always be ert and engage only in ertia.
EXPLORATION AND CREATIVITY: It is desirable to be intrepid but not reckless, so I will aim never to be trepid, but always reck in my endeavors.
LANGUAGE: I shall aim always to be couth.
MAKING A CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY: I will be nocuous in all that I take on.
GRACE IN ACTION: Every movement I undertake will be as gainly as possible.
COURAGE AND COMMITMENT: I will consistently be gorm, but never ruth.
BEHAVIOUR: In public I shall be toward in every respect and ept in all I do.
LANGUAGE USAGE: always be wieldy.

I hope those are useful. Wishing you an inspired and abundant 2016.

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