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Saturday, 9 January 2016


Yesterday I went for a ride in the light rain and mist which is prevalent at this time of year. As usual, I was wearing a pair of sunglasses for eye protection from wind, insects, grit and whatever. 

Needless to say, within minutes my glasses were fogged up and splattered with rain. Visibility was gloomy and precarious at best, but at least my eyes were safe. (Yes, right!) The fact that I personally wasn't safe, especially at any sort of speed, was a matter of some concern, but for a while it seemed like a marginally better option to ride tentatively and not see where I was going than to have a bit of mud in my eyes.

When I finally relented and removed the glasses, amazingly I could see clearly, I discovered that there was quite a lot of light around and all of a sudden had a new perspective on the world around me, and particularly my path ahead. (Which of course then immediately became the inspiration for this blog.) The risk of some grit in the eyes was so overwhelmingly outweighed by the clarity of vision that I almost felt embarrassed by my initial insistence that I keep the glasses on.

The obvious allegory is this: Let the path ahead be Life. Let the sunglasses be the screen through which we view Life. Let the rain and mist on the glasses be our entrenched prejudices, fears, demands and false beliefs through which we need to peer in order to interpret and make our way through Life. As long as we have that unhelpful stuff obscuring our vision of Life, we will make our way tentatively (or recklessly) through Life, struggling all the way. 

Remove the fears, prejudices and so on and all of a sudden we can see clearly and move with confidence and grace down Life's path. If we are open to Life just as it is, we might get a little grit irritating us, but it can always be wiped away and dealt with as it arises.  

The path to clarity is truly a question of choosing to let go of unhelpful beliefs, fears, demands and prejudices and simply risking whatever goes with an openness to possibility

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