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Sunday, 28 February 2016


So, after a short leave of absence from The Talking Stick, here's today's piece.

When I returned from my end of year break my body was showing a few of the excesses of the holiday. Enough to irritate me and take some steps to halt the rot. I decided I needed some help and hired a personal trainer in mid-January for a few weeks of private boot camp. 

I was then fortunate enough to spend three nights at Brookdale Health Hydro in the beautiful KZN Midlands with Kazalette two weeks ago. The idea was to chill, mostly de-stress and generally re-focus. I had stopped drinking coffee the week prior to our Brookdale visit, for which of course I paid with the inevitable 2nd day withdrawal headache.  In any event at least that was out of the way by the time I arrived at Brookdale. 

Three days later, superb (and healthy) food, daily exercise, a healing with the excellent Brenda McFee at Fordoun and I was back on track.

Since then, I have stayed off coffee (save for the odd cappuccino every couple of days), only eaten what is serving my health, exercised more this year than I have for a long time and generally taken my health in hand. Weight is down, body fat massively down, fitness,vitality and energy up and generally I'm feeling more stable healthwise than I have for a while. 

Simply put, I feel inspired right now to care fully for myself and my health. Yes, I know I'm sounding sanctimonious, but I'm going to allow myself to be. (In any event, if I don't say it first my mates will tell me!)

My first step to inspiring myself was to set a purpose for my health. The next was to appoint a trainer. The third was to commit fully to myself. The rest just followed. 

The moment we take a purposeful step, we inspire ourselves. The questions therefore are: 

  • What is your purpose for yourself right now?
  • What first step will you take to inspire yourself?
  • Will you commit 100% to yourself?
Let me know what and how you're doing.

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