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Saturday, 26 March 2016


As I was riding the new #MTB trail at #SanLameer this morning, I was rudely re-taught a few useful life lessons.

I had been around the track a couple of times previously and found that I couldn't ride my way through a patch of thick mud, getting bogged down each time and having to push the bike around it. On my last lap, irritated by the impediment and determined to get through, I absolutely resolved to keep peddling through the black stinky sludge until I either cleared it or concluded it was impossible to do so.

Surprising myself, I battled through the 20 metres of uphill ooze and eventually popped out the other side. As I was privately celebrating this minor victory and patting myself on the back, I glanced down at the bike to see how much mud I had collected in the exercise.

Inevitably, in that moment my right handle bar hooked on an overhanging branch and I found myself sprawled and embarrassed in the dirt.


  • Never believe something is impossible: perseverance and total commitment will usually get you there
  • If an obstacle is dirty, sticky and smelly, there's something to be said for finding another way around it
  • Always keep your eyes on the path ahead
  • Pride comes before a fall

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