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Thursday, 7 April 2016


‪#‎S‬&P have said that SA's politics are hindering growth. Duh! There is every chance of S&P downgrading SA Inc. to junk status if the on-going‪#‎ANC‬ debacle continues, apart from our other economic woes.
#Zuma has disappointed us in every way since PRIOR to taking office. He has squirmed out of corruption and rape charges, pillaged the coffers of the land, dishonoured the Constitution and the Public Protector, befriended the ‪#‎Guptas‬, abused his position and, and...
However, leaving all of that aside (even if it were forgiveable for a President), the ANC are trying to make us believe (actually, trying to make themselves believe) that Zuma actually apologised on Friday night for violating the Constitution and by this humbling act everything is now just dandy. Firstly, he didn't apologise for violating the Constitution or dishonouring the PP. Listen carefully: he apologised for the delays in finalising the matter and for confusing all of us. So he remains unrepentant.
There is a bigger point at play here, however. If he has violated the Constitution once - and the ANC have taken no action but in fact supported him in this - he can apparently do it again with impunity.
He is clearly not contrite. He has behaved unethically and violated his oath of office. However, even if he were truly contrite, the trust between him and every ordinary South African is gone and can never be restored. If he can violate that part of the Constitution, what else might he do?
How is it possible to say: "I honour and respect the Constitution of SA", and then vote against the ‪#‎impeachment‬ motion? It is a clear statement from the ANC that it is OK to violate the Constitution and that some sort of a "sorry" will then make it all OK. The incongruence between what ANC MP's say, feel and actually do is both glaring and appalling. It is like saying: "Yes, of course we respect the Constitution. It's just that we aren't fanatics about it and won't respect it when it's politically expedient not to do so." Like pregnancy, you can't be partly ethical. Either you are or you aren't
The Parliamentary vote on Tuesday was, in my view, THE greatest shame heaped on SA since the new dispensation in 1994. Cry the beloved country!
Which is why Zuma must go: If I were an investor with discretionary cash to invest in Africa right now, South Africa is the last place I would do it because we have a dishonest, lying, cheating President surrounded and supported by a bunch of hypocritical and incongruent sycophants. Who can blame S&P if they downgrade us to junk and bring an already ailing economy to its knees with a begging bowl held out to the World Bank? Who will come to the aid of a country run by liars and cheats?
"Junk" would be a very fair reflection of and apt description for the quality of people presently in Government. President Zuma: Please go now. (Oh, and take your mates with you.)

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