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Monday, 27 June 2016


So the #Leavers won their #Brexit vote and now seem to be a bit like a dog which has caught up with a car it was chasing, but doesn't quite know what to do with it. To the contrary, the tyres of the car are leaking, it's belching smoke, oozing oil and doesn't seem like quite the prize it was when it was travelling comfortably down the road.

From where I sit, which is far away in our own dysfunctional country, it seems to me that the Leavers got something they wished for and it doesn't taste quite so sweet as they had imagined. Almost all I have heard since the outcome of the Referendum has been shock and horror by those who voted to Remain and tales of buyer's (or is it seller's?) regret by ordinary voters who were arguably conned into voting to Leave. I haven't heard anything from the leaders of the Leave campaign other than retractions of promises. One would be forgiven for thinking that there would be whooping from the rooftops by the Leavers, or perhaps at least a leap and click of the heels or the odd fist pump and air punch. But nothing.

Perhaps I am reading all the wrong websites and am just not subscribed to the cool sites where all the Leavers post their cries of triumph, but then again, maybe not.

Maybe Boris Johnson thought this would be a great campaign to get him the PM's job. If that be so, it sounds as if he's welcome to it and it will be nothing short of a poisoned chalice. However, at this stage it seems as if no one really wants the job, but again I'm not privy to the inner circle so don't really know. All I know is that Boris has been pretty quiet in victory, but has made no friends of the younger voters of Britain.

All I do know is that all the public signs point to a disparate group of whingers wishing for something and then getting it by mistake, with all the huge consequences that will follow a formal Brexit, to say nothing of the consequences which have already played out. Despite no one having a plan on how to Brexit, the one group which has shown some determination to give effect to the Referendum has been the English footballers in EURO 2016.

The centuries of grandmothers' wisdom seems to have played out: Be careful of what you wish for: you might just get it.

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