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Saturday, 18 June 2016


If #time wasn’t an issue in our lives, we might:

·                     Stop stressing about deadlines
·                     Spend more of it with our children and other people who matter
·                     Take more holidays
·                     Stop rushing around
·                     Not make ourselves sick
·                     Start appreciating everything around us, rather than filtering out the trees, flowers and birds and whatever else we consider unnecessary
·                     Connect with others, including the man in the street
·                     Walk with our dogs
·                     Do more of the things we love
·                     Keep ourselves healthy
·                     Actually taste our food
·                     Meditate daily
·                     Think straight about the bigger picture
·                     Find proper meaning in our lives
·                     Eat at dining room tables rather than in front of the TV
·                     Complete all the unfinished business in our lives
·                     Clean out the garage
·                     Tick off our bucket lists
·                     Enjoy our leisure time rather than feel guilty about it
·                     Not struggle through old age
·                     Start living in the moment and not in the past or future

And it’s all possible, if that’s what we choose.

Just saying…

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