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Sunday, 31 July 2016


So we have #MunicipalElections coming up on Wednesday. #America has a #PresidentialElection coming up in November and the #UnitedKingdom has just emerged from its #Brexit debacle. It's intriguing to see the cards being drawn upon by the various interest groups.

#Trump has of course been playing the #FearCard which, as far as I can tell seems to be pretty effective. The man can lie, connive, treat his workers badly, abuse Mexicans, women and minority groups with impunity but nonetheless continues to build his support base. So clearly fear works and there's no need to fall back on the #DecentHumanValuesCard.

The good folk of the UK will confirm this. That's exactly what the #Leave campaigners relied upon, although their fear card specifically targeted immigrants with the #XenophobiaCard and all that that would mean for the UK. To hell with the #PowerfulEconomyCard.

Here in #SouthAfrica, we have far more interesting cards to draw in order to pull votes. The four shining examples are:

  • The #EldersCard, in which our beloved President said that the opposition parties were full of educated young people who knew nothing, so people should rather vote for the ANC because the elders know what they are doing. Hmmm.
  • The tried and tested #ApartheidCard, in which the ANC can continue to blame all ills in the country (including corruption apparently) on the old apartheid regime because, after all, it only ended 22 years ago.
  • The ubiquitous #RaceCard, in its multiple forms, but perhaps the most recent version is one to watch in which an EFF local government candidate posted on Facebook a call for all Whites to be hacked and killed. Really? Will that alleviate the poverty and unemployment in South Africa? I wonder whether a party like that belongs anywhere other than alongside #ISIS?
  • Finally, the #AncestorsCard, in which our (still beloved) #Zuma suggested that if voters turn their backs on the ANC, the Ancestors will turn their backs on the voters, with all the karma that will surely follow. (One must of course assume that Zuma has a hot-line to the Ancestors.)
It's funny that parties are having to resort to the above drawcards in a local election when, surely, the only card worth pulling would be the #ServiceDelivery card? Which, incidentally, the #DA seems to have pulled pretty successfully in the Municipalities which it controls. Just saying.

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