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Saturday, 21 January 2017


So #DT is #President of the #UnitedStates and the question is whether he is in that position because of or despite his #behaviour. The answer is probably both. He has behaved abominably at one level: #lying to the #electorate, #discriminating against #Blacks and #minorities, #harassing and #abusing #women, #belittling, #attacking and #insulting all who might have impeded his progress. (And those are only the things we know about.) You might be forgiven for thinking that any of that behaviour makes him unfit to govern the United States, let alone all of it.

On the other hand, he has in fact been elected as President (despite losing the popular vote by 3 million or so votes), so something in his behaviour has served him to the point where enough people have been willing to look past his ethics - or lack thereof - to enable him to become President. Here is what has served him:

  • His single-minded purpose to become President at any cost to himself and anyone else who got in his way
  • His ruthless pursuit of the job with no regard to or respect for any of the rules of fair play
  • His canny strategic approach to his election campaign, targeting and manipulating the poor, the unemployed and those who want a change - any change - in their desperation
  • His compelling ability and willingness to tell lies and half-truths with both conviction and persuasion
  • His strategic use and understanding of the weakness of the rules of the game by seeking his support in so-called "swing States" which could make a difference, rather than by appealing to the wider electorate
  • His willingness to sacrifice ethics and decency at the altar of power
He has played the ultimate game of "Survivor" and has out-witted, out-played and out-lasted his opponents, and that has served him to attain his ultimate goal, but it comes at a cost.

More than half of his own countrymen didn't want him, don't like him and many can better be described as hating him. Women around the world are protesting against his election as I write this. Comedians around the world are rejoicing at the idea that they are now guaranteed another 4 years of material to discredit and make him the laughing stock of much of the world. Foreign governments such as China, Germany and Mexico have taken serious umbrage at some of his offensive comments about them and are likely to compound the division and separation which DT is fostering. In his resentment for the outgoing administration, and to try and meet campaign promises which were made simply to ensure his election, he has already started the process of depriving 20 million Americans - probably mostly those who supported him - of affordable healthcare with nothing to offer which is better than Obamacare.

If the truth be told, today the United States is more disunited than ever, the world is less connected than ever and the potential for further international disconnection, dysfunctionality, war, radical terrorism and suffering has probably escalated exponentially since Mr Trump's election campaign and yesterday's subsequent inauguration.

So, yes, his unethical and self-serving behaviour has achieved  a particular goal which would appeal to the average narcissist and even more so to a super- and unrehabitabitable narcissist, but it comes with the price tag he has attracted of widespread resentment and hatred towards him and more division in the world.

In the context of reaping what you sow, Donald Trump's behaviour has served naked ambition, but not the greater good, not any ethical standards by which the world might wish to live and in my view will not serve any part of America other than those benefiting from his patriarchy. I hope I am wrong, but time will tell.

Which brings me to the point of this blog: when you behave in a certain way, how does it serve you and how does it serve the greater good? If those two don't align, I want to suggest that you reconsider how you do things.

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