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Saturday, 13 May 2017


If #time wasn’t an issue in our lives, we might:

·       Stop stressing about deadlines
·       Spend more of it with our children and other people who matter
·       Take more holidays
·       Stop rushing everywhere
·       Not make ourselves sick
·       Start appreciating everything around us, rather than filtering out the trees, flowers and birds and whatever else we consider unnecessary
·       Speak to the man in the street
·       Walk with our dogs
·       Keep ourselves healthy
·       Meditate daily
·       Think straight about the bigger picture
·       Find real meaning in our lives
·       Eat at dining room tables rather than in front of the TV
·       Connect more with others
·       Complete all the unfinished business in our lives
·       Clean out the garage
·       Tick off our bucket lists
·       Not struggle through old age

Just saying…

We might also keep writing blogs every week, but right now I have a new project on the go. I am writing a book which has occupied some of my headspace for the past 25 years and the only way to clear that is to get on and finish it. The book is consuming much of my spare time and energy in research and writing, so the reality is that I am going to be too stretched to write my blog for at least the next three months. I will be present on FB, may do the odd blog when I am moved to do so, but I won't formally be back on track with The Talking Stick blogs until I'm done.

Thank you for your support and reading of my musings up until now. I hope to have something chunky for you in the not too distant future.

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