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Andrew Pike is a graduate and accredited coach of the More to Life program, a mentor of the Power of Purpose and Power of Self Esteem programs, Life Coach with the More to Life program and, as it happens, a practicing attorney. Andrew has written a number of training programs including ethics for business, stress management, change management and time management.  He is the author of "THE TALKING STICK: EXPLORING LIFE'S POSSIBILITIES" (Vivencia Books, 2012) as well as “PEOPLE RISKS: A PEOPLE-BASED STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS” (Penguin Books, 2001). He has also practised as an attorney for the past 30 years.

Andrew's passion is people development and he has had outstanding results over the years in both Executive and Life coaching. 

Andrew subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Some testimonials from people coached by Andrew:

"Andrew's compassion and understanding are wonderful attributes, and during my coaching sessions with him he helped me gain clarity and a deeper understanding on a number of things that were affecting my life.  I am sincerely grateful to have had this opportunity, and continue to reap the benefits. JR, South Africa

 "I found the coaching very empowering, I realized that it was ok to be in the mess I thought I was in - not all doom and gloom as I was believing, and I felt supported and motivated to make positive changes in my life. Everyone would benefit from coaching!" SL, South Africa

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