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"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own." - Benjamin Disraeli


 Ø A way to handle your relationships?
Ø Inner peace?
Ø Ways of moving forward with your career?
Ø More meaning in your life?
Ø Less stress?
Ø A way to handle anxiety and great depression?
Ø Your purpose in life and in the areas of your life?
Ø Enhanced health?
Ø Enhanced self-esteem?
Ø More impressive sporting results?
ØAccess to self-help for assertiveness?
Better grades?
Ø Spiritual growth?
Ø More money?
Ø Full access to your sexuality?
Ø Or anything else…?


Ø Hit your targets?
Ø Do what you said you would?
Ø Get all you wanted?
Ø Live a completely fulfilled life in the last year?

If you said "YES" to any of the former or "NO" to any of the latter questions, I can help you get what you are looking for.

I have been coaching and mentoring individuals, professionals, senior executives and sportsmen for over 20 years, helping them find effective answers to the above and other questions.

My purpose is to make a difference in the way people live their lives, empowering them to make clear and clean choices and then live them out in a meaningful way. I focus on people’s needs to become masters of there own personal destiny.

 My methods include broadly:

Ø Preliminary exploratory work to determine your needs
Ø Agreeing on the issues to be resolved and obstacles that are getting in the way of you having what you want
Ø Working on each of the issues, using practical and sustainable techniques and tools
Ø Setting assignments for you to take the next steps in whatever area of your life on which we are working
Ø Completing with a report for you to review from time to time
Ø Measuring your progress from session to session or by email

You can also experience and benefit from some of the Self-help exercises and techniques in my new book, THE TALKING STICK: EXPLORING LIFES POSSIBILITIES. Check it out!

For more information and LIFE OR EXECUTIVE COACHING, email me or else book coaching time with me HERE. Coaching is on-line or face-to-face, depending on where you are.

I look forward to working with you.

 Andrew Pike

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