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"May I be happy, just the way that I am."

"The “how” of being happy, just the way I am, involves coming to a deep acceptance of me, whether I am short, tall, overweight, skinny, introvert, extrovert, good looking, ugly, great sportsman, useless ballplayer or whatever." Read the whole article

"If you're going to ask a question..."

"...I can give you some clues.  Our minds make up demanding statements about how others and how life should be..." Read the whole article

"Taking the last ride": a tribute to my Dad, who died last Thursday

"...the gift lies in creating an awareness in all of us not to have unfinished business.  When I think about all the things in my life that have been incomplete from time to time, I realise how important it is not to have unfinished business.  I don’t want to die one day not having said “I love you” to someone who mattered..." Read the whole article

"Make me an instrument of your peace!"

"...When I see such magnificence, I have to believe that the order which we experience and observe in our universe is no coincidence... Irrespective of what your personal beliefs may be concerning the source of our universe, I want you to imagine for just a moment that there could be a universal source of energy which is benevolent to all life, whether in a form which we know or any other form..." Read the whole article

"So, what are YOU proud of?"

"...All moments in our lives have meaning for us.  Sometimes the meanings we place on those moments are unpleasant, whilst at other times those moments and events have wonderful meanings for us.  In my view, when we assess why it is that we are proud of particular events or achievements in our lives, it is important to look behind those events to see what they really meant for us and how they moved us forward in our lives..." Read the whole article

"The Creative Possibilities of "I don't know"

"I have a friend who, at the time of writing, has a life threatening and debilitating physical condition called Guillain-Barre Syndrome....For as long as we don't know an outcome, all sorts of possibilities arise.  This is why the future is so exciting: it is full of possibility..." Read the whole article  

"Have it your way!"

Even in the most dire of circumstances, when Life has thrown you a curved ball and you were too slow to move out of the way, you will still have some choice about your recovery...."  Read the whole article

"I'm In!"

"….Even when we have the tools, knowledge and means to get out of that sort of negativity, it is sometimes easier to just wallow in it than do what it takes to get out of it….The first step is to acknowledge or notice what is happening in your life.  Until you get out of denial and say: "I am committed to living my life more proactively and not to wallow in it", you are incapable of taking the next step…."  Read the whole article

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